Monthly Webinar | June 2020

Monthly Webinar | June 2020

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New for 2020! Monthly Webinars with Dr. Larry Crabb

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Join Larry Crabb each month as he shares what is on his heart, explores his current thinking, and reveals what God is doing in him and for him and through him. Each month you will have an opportunity to spend an hour with Larry understanding a new facet of how to live life with the Trinity, persevere on the narrow road, and be inspired to put Jesus on display by the way that you relate. 

Since these webinars are designed to focus on what is most current and relevant, the topic for each month will be published 1-2 weeks before the date of the webinar. At present, webinars are scheduled for the following dates:

  • June 23rd at 4 pm EST

Bonus Features (available within 5 days):

  • Unlimited access to post-webinar recordings
  • Downloadable study guides
  • Extra topic-specific resources recommended by Larry

This webinar opportunity is perfect for pastors, counselors, discipleship and small group leaders. Invite your friends, colleagues and leadership teams to join in during this special time with Larry.