Finding God Study Guide for the DVD Series and Book

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"In today's world we are more preoccupied with solving our problems than with finding God. We've got things backward", says Dr. Larry Crabb. Instead of using God to solve our problems, we need to use our problems to find God.


Such is the path to real freedom and joy, according to Dr. Larry Crabb. Serious Christians, thoughtful people, men and women with the integrity to admit that life is not working as it should, will find a fresh perspective in Finding God.


Dr. Crabb suggests that life could become a richer, more meaningful experience with a joy rooted in something deeper than simply feeling good about ourselves. A Facilitator's Guide (PDF Downloadable) is also available for this DVD Series. PLEASE NOTE: The discussion guide in the back of the book is NOT the same as the above Study Guide. This is specific to the DVD study.