Together, we can cultivate a spiritually transformational community that flourishes and enriches the lives of many.

Reading & Relating Book Club

The Reading & Relating Book Club gathers believers from around the world each month to explore their faith and deepen their relationships through meaningful discussions that sow wisdom, understanding, and interconnection

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Larger Story Blog

Our Larger Story blog features not only the work of Dr. Larry Crabb but also Rachael Crabb and Jeanie Stirling's "Becoming Me, Without You" column and the Hope for the Helpers column.

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Our 2023 weekly Advent devotional invites readers to plant their hope in the character of God revealed in the incarnation of Jesus.

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Relational Spirituality Podcast

Our Relational Spirituality Podcast fosters discussions that nourish the soul and cultivate thought-provoking conversations.

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Larry Crabb's Unpublished Books

Larry Crabb's work is a timeless treasure waiting to be shared with generations to come. Your giving provides the means for us to continue editing his final manuscripts for publication.

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The tools for everything we offer are based in our small team and admin systems. Supporting our team and the software and other systems that make our work possible is a key contribution to enable Larger Story to do this Kingdom work.

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2024 Course Launch

Prep the groundwork for discipling a new generation of believers by supporting our digital courses which foster a healthy environment for spiritual formation.

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Church Partnerships

Beginning in 2024, Larger Story will begin partnering with churches through spiritual formation events. Reach out if your church would be interested!

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A New Website

Our much-needed new website is in the works and will also be coming in 2024 so that we can better serve our online community.

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