Larger Story Summit Recordings
Larger Story Summit Recordings

Larger Story Summit Recordings

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Missed out on the Larger Story Summit!? You can now access the recordings for all the sessions for a fraction of the price! Check out the sessions below to get an idea of what all is included!

Main Teaching Sessions

Jim Kallam - Needed: The Church, More than a Sunday Service

Sonya Reeder - A Rare Invitation

Kent Denlinger - Hope in a Broken World

Kep Crabb, Kimmie Crabb, & Karla Denlinger- An Unexpected Gift

Workshop Sessions

Jim Cress - Nehemiah: God's Blueprint for Life and Relationships

Karla Denlinger - My Unfolding Awakening

Brian Fast - Brokenness: Our entrance into & energy for the spiritually forming life

Trip Moore- What is the end that God is pursuing?

Paul & Maribeth Niager - Holy Ground…Taking Off Our Sandals

Duncan Sprague - Relational Discipleship

Anthony Vartuli - Redemptive Conversations

Debbye Wright - Spiritual Companioning

Larger Story Vision Presentation - Update on new LS projects and an appeal to support these efforts