Facilitators Guide for The Gender Question DVD Series based on the book Fully Alive

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Immediate Download! In this 10-Session DVD series The Gender Question, Dr. Crabb expands beyond the material presented in his book Fully Alive to answer the question: How are men and women uniquely designed to reveal the life of Christ by the way they relate? This facilitators guide is to be used in conjunction with the book Fully Alive and the accompanying 10-session DVD series titled The Gender Question. The facilitators guide offers some additional insight (format, timeline, etc.) into leading a group through the material. The facilitators guide and the study guide are identical excluding the additional insights mentioned above.

Gender roles have been the subject of much debate and confusion over the last several decades. What is expected of a man? What is expected of a woman? And where do those expectations come from? But the Bible is clear--God created men and women to be unique, and He did so for a purpose.

In Fully Alive, author and psychologist Dr. Larry Crabb offers a life-changing, biblically dependent understanding of gender uniqueness. He shows you how to appreciate and exhibit your God-given femininity or masculinity to reveal God's loving character to a world that is desperately in need of understanding. Discover who you are truly meant to be and how you are meant to live.